Why Free


We’ve been asked quite a few times what was our motivation for giving these images away.

Well, there’s no short answer to this. We’ve been working in the graphic design industry for years and we sure know that not every project comes with a superstar budget. At times we’ve had to ask friends for images and more than often received favorable responses. We also got behind the camera more and more for photo shoots. The more we photographed, the more we liked it and, all of a sudden, always carried a camera with us, shooting everything.

The photos that you will find here were shot for the pure pleasure of it: travels, experimentations, etc. Some are good, some are not, but they filled our hard drives doing nothing and we thought that maybe they could be helpful to you. It’s our way that give back to our graphic design community and say thank you.

So if you’re a designer working on a tight budget, feel free to use these images if they suit you. You’re a student and need them to illustrate a project? Help yourself.

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